Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy (“Policy”) is to inform you of our privacy practices and principles in a style that is simple to use, read, and comprehend.

This Policy explains how we will handle any information that is submitted by you or collected by us. The term “website” shall mean, for the purposes of this Policy, any service run by us (or on our behalf), which may be made available on different online, mobile, or other environments and platforms, including those run by third parties, and which enables us to share information with anyone who accesses it.

We adhere to this Policy in compliance with all relevant regulations, such as the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011. It is made clear that the laws of the Republic of India shall be the applicable laws for the purposes of this website (Applicable Law).

By using our website, you (the User) give us permission to collect your information. It should be made clear that we never seek, expect, compel, or require that you submit sensitive personal information or data. For the purposes of this Policy, “sensitive personal data or information” refers to and includes personal data relating to (i) passwords; (ii) financial information, such as bank account or credit card or debit card details; (iii) physical, physiological, and mental health conditions; (iv) sexual orientation; (v) medical records and history; (vi) biometric information; and (vii) any detail relating to the user or (viii) any other information defined as such under the Applicable Law. Any information that is received by us is processed, stored, or used only as per the Applicable Law.

The User agrees to the terms of this Policy as though they were stated in the Disclaimer(hyperlink) by using our website and clicking the “I Agree” button at the bottom of the Disclaimer on the website’s homepage.

The terms “we,” “us,” and “our” in this policy shall be assumed to refer to LexIngenious, and the terms “its,” “you,” and “your” shall, when appropriate, refer to and include any user of our website.

Data That We Gather

You have the choice to initially withhold providing us with your information. You are not required to give us any personal data in order to use the website. We don’t gather any other information save your name and email address, which you may give to us voluntarily only if you specifically decide to do so. We are not required to secure sensitive personal data or information that you choose to share with us, even if you do so voluntarily, since we do not ask, solicit, anticipate, induce, or request you to do so through our website

We kindly ask that you avoid sending us any correspondence that includes any sensitive personal data or information as defined by Applicable Law. By entering your name and email address and voluntarily sending us any other documents through this website or any submission forms that may be available there, you acknowledge that you are doing so of your own free will and that LexIngenious is not in any way claiming to have asked you for the information you are about to provide.

The Purposes for Which We Gather Your Data

You can give us your name and email address so that we can send you a newsletter by email, which includes information on recent changes to laws that are currently in effect in India as well as regulatory policies and the latest developments when those changes have an impact on business dealings and off-shore transactions. Your information is only gathered for the sole purpose of facilitating learning.

Being a reputable law firm, we are completely devoted to abiding by both Indian law and the Bar Council of India’s rules for advocates. We do not use the data we gather to offer you any inducement, to invite you to work, or to seek business from you, and under no circumstances can it be said that we are promoting our firm to you.

Through the suitable mechanism offered on the internet, you can also send us your curriculum vitae (CV). It is specifically stated, however, that sending us your CV does not imply that we will review it or, under any circumstances, that we will respond to you by either approving or rejecting your application to work for us. You expressly acknowledge that you will have no right or remedy about how LexIngenious responds to any CVs received. An offer to work with us, for us, or for any entity (whether legal or natural) on our behalf is not implied by the submission of a CV. You consent to the terms outlined in this section if you decide to send your CV to us.

Restricting User Data

With regard to our collecting of your information, we give you a number of controls and options. If at any point you decide that you no longer want to receive our newsletter, simply click the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email we’ve sent you. You will then be taken to our website, where you must enter your name and email address once more and click “Unsubscribe” to complete the process. Unless you specifically ask us to do so by resubscribing to the Newsletter, we won’t send you any more correspondence after you unsubscribe from it. However, it is made clear that the process to unsubscribe may not fully take effect for at least 30 (thirty) days; and may not delete ‘all’ the archived files which have been retained by the system.

Data Security

We place a high priority on protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your information. To prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, use, and modification of your information, we have put in place technical, administrative, and physical security measures. We periodically examine our security protocols to take into account the most relevant new technology and techniques. However, despite our best efforts, please be aware that no security measures are flawless or impregnable. To verify identities or for the prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes, including cybercrimes, as well as for the prosecution and punishment of offenders, we could be forced to disclose the any information to government authorities and agencies. By using our website, you expressly agree and consent to us disclosing any of the information that we have stored in line with this Policy if obliged to do so by Applicable Law.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time to reflect emerging technology, business trends, legal requirements, or other factors. We ask that you read this Policy each time before clicking the “I Agree” button on the Disclaimer because it may have been changed as necessary. We assume absolutely no obligation to expressly inform you of any modifications to this Policy, unless such changes are significant in nature and are required to be intimated separately as per the Applicable Law.

Comments and Questions

Please contact us at if you have any questions or comments about our Policy. We will be happy to hear from you and will do our best to address your concerns. However, under no circumstances may it be claimed that we are providing you with legal advice through such correspondence. In the event that you require legal advice, we may provide the same only after executing an official engagement letter in that regard and not by using this email address. It is made clear that communication between us and you via the aforementioned email address will not be construed as beginning an attorney-client relationship.